For easy Android development, a developer should work on customizing layouts smartly


When it comes to Android development, there are some things that make the development of applications somehow difficult. One of these things include the fact that Android payments are still a bit high, thus developers do not all the time have the right means to promote and distribute an app. With the Android platform, so long as one learns the basics in building solid production grade applications, he or she could learn a couple of things. First, one could learn that it is much harder to make things appear good on the device and second, one may spend almost half the time of development for x-cross phone compatibility. These days, smart phones like the Android device have turned out to be indispensable gadgets that connect an individual to the world within a single touch. That is why, Android developers should find effective ways for developing applications so it will not come out too hard for them. Plenty of resources are now available on the internet for developers to use and there are still more that are being developed. Read More

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