Android 4.2 Jelly Bean begins new era for smartphone user

New Android OS Jelly bean 4.2 versions does have new feature known as quick settings. At this moment by using this feature you will be able to smoothly working out the quick and easy access to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, battery and also have enhance the brightness of screen. The latest application for Camera is present in the OS 4.2 Jelly bean version. It has some fantastic Camera features like its Camera app is such that whenever you touch your finger a round oval will materialize with the quick access features. You can also easily able to access photo mode, while balance, exposure, camera flash adjustments and switch front and rear camera. If you strike towards left, it will unveil the picture Gallery providing you a quick view to your new images. You can even edit the images and rectify them at the same time. User is permitted to share images with the help of this quick functionality. More…

Android app development has turned out to be one of the most favorite mobile application platforms today


Because of the worldwide popularity of android, Android app development increased significantly. Android, being an open source mobile operating system provides more control on it. It is a better platform for developers. It does not require you to pass through an intensive process or any kind of approval. Being an open source, you could customize it to the core and you won’t be violating any regulations in the process. This is probably the chief reason of the rapid growth of developers for the Android device. The Android software development kit has further made it very easy for a developer to develop innovative and new apps. The launch of high-quality Android mobile solutions allow businesses to give to a large market, thus could mean great profitability. With the greater market for Android developers, you can easily find a developer that could give you with the right kind of application. View More

For easy Android development, a developer should work on customizing layouts smartly


When it comes to Android development, there are some things that make the development of applications somehow difficult. One of these things include the fact that Android payments are still a bit high, thus developers do not all the time have the right means to promote and distribute an app. With the Android platform, so long as one learns the basics in building solid production grade applications, he or she could learn a couple of things. First, one could learn that it is much harder to make things appear good on the device and second, one may spend almost half the time of development for x-cross phone compatibility. These days, smart phones like the Android device have turned out to be indispensable gadgets that connect an individual to the world within a single touch. That is why, Android developers should find effective ways for developing applications so it will not come out too hard for them. Plenty of resources are now available on the internet for developers to use and there are still more that are being developed. Read More

Android apps allow for the creation of feature-rich applications that could meet the unique needs of the user


Android development allows for icons modification and widgets addition, screens and services that build a flexible design. This is a wonderful way for developers to show off their creativity. The growth Android phones have boosted the opportunity for many wonderful artists who could develop highly useful and highly interactive app programs and new games those users all over the world could enjoy. The developer could take on many different programs and games for sale in the market of mobile devices. The development level for the Android device varies a great deal. Some developers are wonderful at their tasks and are best known in the market for providing excellent services. There are numerous tools that could be utilized in Android app development and in general, developers use funds to test, distribute and sell these applications in the market. Android applications are easy and simple for both customers and users to reach the search engine ranking.

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What is the importance of Android application and its relevance on the Android market today?


In the world today, Android application is now a rage. With this, more and more organizations and businesses are searching for Android app developers for leveraging business methods to the current technology. These days, using Android-based smart phones is increasing rapidly, with more than 500,000 applications being developed regularly. About fifty percent of mobile phones on the market these days are loaded with Android, which adds to the popularity of the device in the market nowadays. Application development could be made to help the users get more value from the device. Single users and companies are not the only ones who could benefit from the application development but everyone who has an Android device as well. App development of the device has helped numerous clients expand their market reach and achieve business goal. Some advantages of the platform include comprehensive libraries for both 2D and 3D graphics, a wide range of image, audio and video files and CDMA, GSM, WiFi and UMTS technologies that send or receive data throughout all mobile networks.

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